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Welcoming internationals

Welcoming international students, doctoral candidates, professors and researchers

Strasbourg, the seat of European institutions, offers a lifestyle that is open to Europe and beyond. The University of Strasbourg has nearly 20% international students from 5 continents, out of a total of 48,000 students.

ENGEES participates in student exchange programmes:

  • EUCOR – the European Campus
  • ERASMUS+ (European Union)
  • ARFITEC (Argentina; engineering degrees)
  • BRAFITEC (Brazil; engineering degrees)
  • BRAFAGRI (Brazil; agricultural, veterinary and rural engineering degrees)

Programmes offered

All of the courses and programmes offered by ENGEES are open to international students applying individually:

  • Professional degree
  • Engineering programme (master's level)
  • Co-accredited masters
  • Specialised masters
  • ENGEES-specific degrees

To obtain the ENGEES engineering degree, you must study at ENGEES for 3 academic semesters (criteria for awarding of the French engineering degree, defined by the French Engineering Qualification Commission). 

Students who wish to apply to ENGEES individually must meet the requirements indicated for the relevant programme.

In particular, registering on the CampusFrance website of the home country, if it exists, is mandatory but does not constitute an application to ENGEES 

You must also apply through our website as well. We will also request your CampusFrance registration number.

Concerning exchanges between partners and double degrees, the programmes concerned are the engineering programme and the co-accredited masters. The courses available to the relevant students are presented in the downloadable document (in French) or by consulting the detailed catalogue.  The downloadable document also provides practical information regarding topics such as administrative formalities, budget, etc.

You're a student at a school that partners with ENGEES (see the list here) and you would like to come study in Strasbourg? Whether it be for 6 months or 3 years, we would be delighted to welcome you!


Students from partner institutions

If you are a student at one of our partner institutions (see list here): you may request an application form, through your home  university and send it to us before 30 April, together with the following documents:

  • A copy of your passport
  • A CV
  • A letter of motivation
  • A record of the academic outcomes of your years of higher education
  • A draft study contract indicating the curriculum and course units you would like to take
  • The result of a test assessing your fluency in French (and English for dual degree students).

You may be required to submit a copy of your birth certificate if you stay in France for more than one year (to obtaining the Vitale card of the French Social Security healthcare programme).

When you arrive in Strasbourg, you will benefit from special services:

  • You will be welcomed to Strasbourg by ENGEES students, as part of the “Buddy Programme”
  • Reservation of a room in university housing 
  • First meeting with the international relations manager
  • Official presentation of the class, in an amphitheatre
  • Extra help looking for a work placement
  • Organisation of cultural events.

Concerning fluency in French:

  • You may take a French language class in summertime (1 or 2 months) in partnership with the Alliance Française of Strasbourg (for a fee)
  • You may use our multimedia room featuring self-study CD-ROMs and DVDs in French (for international students)
  • You may enrol through ENGEES at the French as a Foreign Language Centre at the University of Strasbourg, all year long.

The Buddy Programme encourages French students to make international students feel welcome. It provides credit for the “Student Engagement” course unit.

After your stay, a transcript of records will be provided to you, with a notice explaining our marking system; the transcript also stipulates the corresponding ECTS mark, in comparison with the group you were in as a student.