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Academic partnerships

Issues surrounding water and the environment, which are central concerns of ENGEES, matter to everyone, and they are addressed at the highest level, as part of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.  Indeed, people everywhere are concerned and must work together, because water and the environment know no borders. 

This is why our students easily find work placements concerning these issues, around the world. In order to foster their open-mindedness, ENGEES has established academic partnerships with other institutions of higher education around the world.

Academic partners are selected on the basis of:


  • The subjects taught, apart from the dominant theme that may be civil engineering, agronomy, the environment, etc.
  • The prestige of the institution, including with respect to its partnerships
  • The actual presence of research activities related to those of our research units
  • Possibly, the quality of the exchange students the institution sends to ENGEES

At the beginning of the relationship, test mobility periods are organised with students who are carefully selected for their conscientiousness and autonomy. 

If the outcome of these tests is positive, the dual degree is offered to the partner.

Because the school is small, the agreements can be managed by the International Relations and Development Department (SRIED), which updates them regularly.