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Jean-Nicolas Beisel


Publications récentes


David G., Staentzel C., Schlumberger O., Perrot-Minnot M., Beisel J.N., Hardion, L.. A minimalist macroparasite diversity in the round goby of the Upper Rhine reduced to an exotic acanthocephalan lineage. Parasitology. 2018, 145(8), pp. 1020-1026.

Beisel J.N., Peltre M.C., Kaldonski N., Herrmann A., Muller S. Spatiotemporal trends for exotic species in French freshwater ecosystems: where are we now? Hydrobiologia. 2017, 785(1), p. 293-305.

Marescaux J., Latli A., Lorquet J., Virgo J., Van Doninck K., Beisel J.N. Benthic macro-invertebrate fauna associated to Dreissena mussels in the Meuse River: from incapacitating relationships to facilitation. Aquatic Ecology. 2016, 50(1), pp. 15-28.

Marescaux J., Falisse E., Lorquet J., Van Doninc K., Beisel J.N., Descy J.P. Assessing filtration rates of exotic bivalves: dependence on algae concentration and seasonal factors. Hydrobiologia. 2016, 777(1), pp. 67-78.