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ENGEES encourages students to get involved in cultural activities, sports and associations, because this promotes their personal fulfilment. Thanks to the wide range of clubs and associations offered, there is something for every taste and interest, so everyone can get involved in student life. 

A panoply of activities and projects unites all of the students, such as the graduation gala and the welcome event for the freshman class, festivities of the Amicale student association and sports competitions.


The Amicale is a student association bringing together a happy bunch of people elected by the students to make sure the whole year is fun!     Among other things, the Amicale is in charge of organising 3 weeks of orientation for new students, as well as a camping weekend and an outing to Europa Park.

Between morning pastries and an evening party every week, the Amicale will keep you busy at ENGEES!


TR-Monde is an association of ENGEES students who want to contribute to the sustainable development of southern countries by carrying out micro-projects corresponding to techniques taught at the school, such as drinking water supply systems and public hygiene.

Website - TR Monde


NATUR’ASTRAS carries out actions to protect the environment and raise awareness about it: Meeting with primary school children, sorting waste, raising awareness about saving energy and distributing organic vegetable baskets at ENGEES, a nature protection project and awareness-raising campaigns, organising hikes and a “Nature” integration weekend. 


Engineers Without Borders (ISF)

Engineers Without Borders (ISF) works on projects in northern and southern countries. It is also a federation of local groups of engineering students, which meets several times a year for training weekends.

In Strasbourg, our group participates in several awareness-raising events about sustainable development and works in partnership with other humanitarian aid associations. 

Website - ISF

The student company Eau Missions Alsace (EMA)

EMA offers companies and local authorities the skills of students to perform assignments in the water and environment sector. It receives the support of professors and researchers and of the research laboratories associated with the school.

More information (In french)

Sports Association (AS)

The Sports Association at ENGEES offers team sports: basketball, handball, football, rugby and volleyball, as well as mountain climbing, horseback riding, rowing and more.

Tournaments and other sports events are also organised all year long: multi-sport inter-school tournaments, sports nights at ENGEES or at the university, the “TIGRES” (tournament between the Grandes Ecoles of Strasbourg) and of course the… INTER-AGRO (IA)! This unique annual event will enable you to compete with the other French agronomy schools!

Team sports practice sessions take place in the evenings or on Saturday afternoons. 

Whether you're a beginner, an amateur or a professional, you're welcome at the AS!

Bureau des Arts

The Bureau des Arts will help you discover the European Capital, visit the most famous sights and generally get out and about! The Bureau des Arts offers many exciting activities: go to the Opéra National du Rhin, the theatre, concerts, museums, exhibitions and much more!

L'Asso Promo

L’Asso Promo is a dynamic team of 4 people whose job is to promote our school's image.

You'll find everything: t-shirts, sweatshirts, windbreakers, mugs, and more! Wear your school's colours with pride!


For music lovers, ENGEES provides a piano located in the school's finest venue, the Marseillaise room, as well as a drum set, a guitar, a bass guitar and another piano in the music room located in the school's basement, where ENGEES' greatest musicians get their groove on.