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The “Protection of the Environment” professional degree with a specialisation in “Management of Urban and Rural Water” is co-accredited by ENGEES and the University of Strasbourg, and it has been offered since September 2000.

Students may enrol in this programme: 

  • either as an initial training course 
  • or as a professional or a job seeker
  • or as a life experience degree (VAE)


To train autonomous professionals, as engineering assistants and research specialists, focusing on assisting with the design, implementation and management of technical structures or operational services for local authorities in the areas of:  

  • urban and rural water systems 
  • and the environment. 

To provide a multidisciplinary education, structured around a strong focus on hydraulics and water quality, in order to: 

  • provide answers to environmental problems in connection with water resources and/or urban discharge of wastewater and surface runoff to the natural environment   
  • study, understand, analyse, identify and seek technical solutions regarding water resources and artificial water systems. 

Required conditions

Admission to the Protection of the Environment professional degree specialising in Management of Urban and Rural Water is open to future holders of:

A validated 2-year university degree (L2, DEUG or DEUST) in one of the following fields: mathematics, physics, chemistry, life sciences, earth and environmental sciences, geography, etc.

A technology degree (DUT) in Biological Engineering, Civil Engineering, Physical Measurements or any other DUT with a minimum of teaching in hydraulics and/or water chemistry.

A HND (BTS) in Water management and control “GEMEAU”, Water jobs or Public works...


Employees, the freelancers or jobseekers with at least a baccalaureate and proof of at least five years' professional experience, for whom validation of prior learning may be considered at Higher Technician level. (If you are working or unemployed, please contact the ENGEES vocational training department: Ms Valérie FAUX on +33 (0) or by e-mail).

The following diplomas do not enable to apply for the degree: DUT Health, safety and the environment and Nature management and protection

Foreign students can also be admitted, using the same procedure (see ‘How to apply’). You should, however, bear in mind that it takes a very long time to obtain long-stay visas!


PEGEUR's degree office
Phone number: +33 3 88 24 82 88
Email: engees-lipro(at)