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Coaccredited training


The course is run by ENGEES and ENSG and is entirely distance learning.

It has been developed by a team of teacher-researchers and experts from ENGEES and ENSG (DE GEME web page at ENSG). It will be supervised by the same people who created it.

The aim of the “Diplôme d'Etablissement Géomatique et Métiers de l'Eau” (GEME stands for “Géomatique et Métiers de l’Eau”) is to enable participants to specialise or acquire dual skills in the use of spatial data processing techniques (GIS, remote sensing, etc.) adapted to the problems of the water industry.




The aim of this course is to develop the ability to search for, organise, process and represent specialised geographical data in order to gain a better understanding of hydrological (floods, shortages, transfers of water and contaminants), hydrogeological and natural hydraulic (watercourses) and artificial (water supply and sewerage networks) hydraulic phenomena. 

The aim of GEME is to enable young graduates and experienced professionals to acquire or update their basic geomatics skills and to master the concepts, methods and tools needed to characterise and predict the spatial dimension of water management within a natural, agricultural or urban area, in order to gain a better understanding of hazards and measure risks more accurately so as to prevent them more effectively.

Required conditions

Diploma at BAC+4 level (equivalent to 1st year of MA) or BAC+3 for professionals with three years' experience in higher education in physics, physical geography, engineering sciences, environmental sciences, geology or water-related professions.

Previous knowledge of hydraulics (HEC, HSL) may be an advantage, in order to use the skills acquired in general hydraulic studies. No specific skills in numerical modelling are expected.

Fluency in scientific English is required.

Head of teaching

The diploma is under the responsibility of Mr Sylvain PAYRAUDEAU - Professor (ENGEES/ITES).

Geographical origin of students


Ms Valérie FAUX

write to her

If you would like to be put in touch with one of the alumni of the course, whose profile, origin, etc. would be similar to yours, please specify your wish in the letter attached to your application form.