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ENGEES aims to develop its attractiveness and international influence in higher education and research in the field of water and environmental engineering. Its 2018-2022 strategic plan includes this objective among its top priorities. 

The school's actions focus on 4 main areas:

1. Strengthening and developing our international academic, professional and research partnerships 

Partnerships are the foundation of ENGEES' international influence and appeal. In academic terms, the engineering school aims to maintain and strengthen existing double degrees and partnerships. The development of new partnerships with institutions of excellence is also a priority (particularly in European countries that are members of the Erasmus programme and English-speaking countries) with a view to increasing mobility opportunities for engineering students. This development is based in particular on the international networks of the school's teaching and research staff. From a professional point of view, ENGEES aims to increase the number of international partners in order to increase the opportunities for employment and internships abroad for all of the school's students. In terms of research, ENGEES encourages and supports the mobility of teacher-researchers in general, as well as the organisation of structuring international projects (Interreg, H2020, etc.). 

2. Enhance the international employability of students trained at ENGEES 

The development of international job offers aims to increase the proportion of students working abroad when they leave the school, regardless of the course they followed at ENGEES. The engineering curriculum - excluding apprenticeships - currently includes a minimum of 17 weeks of internship or academic study abroad. The strengthening of our partnerships should enable all ENGEES engineering students to spend at least one semester studying or doing an internship abroad, in line with their career plans. The development of cross-border apprenticeships is also an objective of the school, linked to its position on the border with Germany. A good command of foreign languages, particularly technical and professional English, is now a prerequisite for the careers of ENGEES environmental and water engineers. The proportion of courses taught in English is gradually increasing (2 specialisation courses have been open in English since 2019) and should continue to grow over the coming years. 

3. Developing an international culture within the school

ENGEES was awarded the ‘Bienvenue en France’ (Welcome to France) label in 2019. This label rewards the quality of the welcome given to international students. To further develop the institution's international culture, ENGEES aims to increase the number of international students on incoming mobility programmes or on degree courses, and also to facilitate the incoming and outgoing international mobility of all staff (teacher-researchers, administrative staff, etc.). 

4. Include the school's expertise in bilateral and multilateral international action 

In addition to its research and teaching activities, ENGEES has historically recognised international expertise in its fields of competence. This is reflected in its activities at various levels. ENGEES participates in international arenas on water and the environment, involving motivated staff and students (IWRA, World Water Forum, COP, etc.) in conjunction with the French coordination for these events (Partenariat Français pour l'Eau, Solidarité Eau Europe). It works in partnership with regional or national organisations involved in decentralised cooperation on ‘water’ and ‘environment’ issues (GESCOD, PSEau, etc.), making available the expertise of its researchers or students (via internships or associative projects). Finally, it aims to strengthen its contribution to capacity building in higher education in developing countries through bilateral partnerships, support for the development of teaching models and support for the doctoral training of teachers. 

Active participation in the Erasmus+ programme

ENGEES has been an active participant in the Erasmus+ programme for over 10 years and shares its values. Its membership of the programme has just been renewed with the award of the Erasmus Charter for the period 2021-2027. ENGEES' Erasmus+ strategy aims to enable as many people as possible to benefit from the advantages of the programme, particularly ENGEES students and staff.


In charge of international relations /  Erasmus+ coordinator
Phone no.: +33 3 88 24 82 16

Christian BURLETT
International relationship assistant
Phone no.: +33 3 88 24 82 15

Educational Coordinator for International Mobility
Phone no.: +33 3 88 24 82 61