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In order to cover the entire spectrum of the water sector, the school has a large network of scientific and academic contacts, both in education and research, in order to enable the students to broaden their knowledge beyond the area of expertise covered by the courses offered and the research conducted within the school itself. 

Firmly established in the economic fabric of the water and environment industries, ENGEES has professional relations with a range of representative partners. These include private companies of all sizes, from the local to the national level, organisations ranging from regional to global and local authorities all across France. 

Furthermore, 21st-century engineering is extremely international work, regardless of the area of expertise. This means that developing the school's international component is crucial, be it due to its geographic position (Strasbourg, capital of Europe) or its relations with schools in identical and related fields, outside of Europe. 


Institutional partnerships and networks (FR)

International partnerships

Corporate and local-government partnerships