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Start of the academic year

The start of the new academic year will take place on (date to come) at ENGEES - MANUFACTURE DES TABACS - 1 Cour des Cigarières 67000 STRASBOURG - room (to come) (you must be present).

Candidates admitted to the main list confirm their acceptance on the E.Candidat platform. In the event of withdrawal from the main list, candidates admitted to the complementary list will be called in order of rank via the same platform.

Proof of obtaining the current diploma and, for foreign diplomas, the certificate of equivalence issued by ENIC NARIC must be sent by e-mail to sylvie.cuille(at) before the start of the academic year.

The administrative formalities for enrolment must be completed after the start of the academic year at the Faculty of Geography - 3 Rue de l'Argonne - 67000 STRASBOURG (schoolingservice). All the practical details concerning these formalities will be communicated to you on the first day of the new academic year at ENGEES on: (date to come) (order of arrival and documents to be provided).

The amount of tuition fees to be paid by students is set each year by the University of Strasbourg (2023/2024 fees list in progress).  

When you start your new academic year, remember to arrange your accommodation as soon as possible and, if possible, as early as July.

To see some suggested addresses, click here.

By enrolling, you will be a de facto ENGEES student, but your administrative registration will be with the Faculty of Geography at the University of Strasbourg. You will then be eligible for university grants and all CROUS services.

More on housing and catering


PEGEUR's degree office
Phone number: +33 3 88 24 82 88
Email: engees-lipro(at)