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1st year of engineering

The first year of engineering training at ENGEES (level Bachelor 3) allows students to acquire the basic engineering sciences  necessary to tackle the rest of the engineering program focused on water, the environment and waste management. The fields covered include hydrogeology, fluid mechanics, statistics, scientific calculations, biology, water chemistry, hydrology and basic knowledge of the stakeholders involved in water management.

This year also allows engineering students to develop knowledge in process engineering (for water treatment), wastewater and drinking water networks (design), natural environment management, life sciences and flood control.

Modules allowing the acquisition of soft skills are also covered.

Semester 5 at ENGEES (September – January)

Teaching UnitsDetailsECTSNumber of teaching hoursNumber of teaching hours (apprentices)
Engineering Sciences 1

Environmental science, scientific computing, mathematics, computer tools for scientific computing

Engineering Sciences 2Agronomy, Ecology, Hydroecology, Microbiology23131
Engineering Sciences 3Water chemistry23232
Basic sciences 1Fluid mechanics, Mechanics of continuous media34242
Applied Hydraulics 1Hydrology23030
Applied Hydraulics 2Hydrogeology33820
Upgrade for AST studentsMathematics, Mechanics02626
Foreig languages1st language, 2nd language, English support36361
Human and Social Sciences: Public Environmental Management and ActorsWater management, Waste management, Study tour34545
Project Management and Sustainable DevelopmentIntroduction to ISO 9001,14001 standards; Economic calculation; Introduction to project management; Case studies; TD Project management software; Environmental assessment22613
Database and parametric testingParametric tests, SGBD34848
Professional project 1Discovering professions, Support for professional projects, Preparation for employment0214
Discovery of the engineering professions coursePersonal and company ethics, Technical reports, Job discovery course340X
Company knowledge file n°1 7X245

Waste policy and regulations (only for apprentices following the in-depth waste pathway)

Industrial waste and classified installations 4 , small companies and waste issues, 

regional waste prevention planning, principle of industrial waste management, zero waste territory

1.5 27

Download the teaching booklet for semester 5

Semester 6 at ENGEES (February – July)

Teaching UnitsDetailsECTSNumber of teaching hours

Number of teaching hours (apprentices)

Data and toolsData analysis, Computer aided design/drawing, GIS-Geographic information systems23838
Cross-curricular project 1

Planning project, Hydraulic study (HEC-RAS and

GeoRAS), Hydrological study, Presentation and site visit

Basic Science 2Hydraulics in load, Advanced hydraulics, Free surface hydraulics48484
Life SciencesEcological diagnosis, Quality indicators and monitoring, Habitats and Natura 2000 Directive, Hydroecology level 223818
Process engineeringProcess engineering23030
Applied hydraulics 3River engineering, Solid transport, HEC RAS modelling, Geomorphology23238

Applied Hydraulics 4

Drinking water networks, water and environment project23232

Applied hydraulics 5

Wastewater networks23636
Work experience and safety on the construction siteWork experience, Safety on construction sites4144X
Professional projet 2

Interculturality and discrimination, 

Accompaniment to the professional project, 

Water in developing countries (Cranfield conference)

Foreign languagesLV1, LV2, English support36240
SHS : business management seminarProject Kit Cash, management, economics, public accounting23232
Company evaluation 5X0
Company knowledge file n°2 5X0
Contemporary ecology



Download the teaching booklet for semester 6