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Start of the academic year

Subject to the health context, a joint start date for both options is planned for
14/09/2023 at 9 am. at ENGEES - 1 Cour des Cigarières STRASBOURG

No late arrivals will be accepted, as the basic courses (hydraulics and drinking water supply) start the following day.

To prepare for the new academic year, it is advisable to arrange your accommodation as soon as possible and, if possible, as early as July.

Book your room as early as possible: Strasbourg is a city where the hotel trade is often busy (tourism, sessions of the European Parliament, congresses, sporting events, etc.) Several times a year, all the hotels are fully booked. 

For one-off accommodation in Strasbourg (one week maximum), ENGEES students, candidates or lecturers can contact The people hostel. Students in the specialised master's degress may be able to take advantage of this service while waiting to find their permanent accommodation. Here is the link to the site: The people hostel.

Advice and testimonials on finding accommodation from former specialised master's degrees students.