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Required conditions

The course is suitable for: 

  • professionnals 
    • holders of a 5-year higher education diploma (BAC+5) or equivalent (engineer, 2nd year MA)
    • holders of a 4-year higher education diploma (BAC+4) (master's degree or equivalent) with at least 3 years' professional experience
    • By way of derogation and for a maximum of 30% of the total number of students in the MS course:  
      • holders of a 4-year higher education diploma (BAC+4) with no experience 
      • from 3-year higher education diploma (BAC+3) with at least 3 years' professional experience
    • By way of derogation and for a maximum of 20% of the students on the MS course: by validation of experience ("Validation des Acquis de l'Expérience") with at least ten years' professional experience 
  • jobseekers
    • same admission conditions as professionals
  • students continuing their studies, with a 5-year higher education diploma (BAC+5) or equivalent (engineer, 2nd year MA)
Driving licence is compulsory to apply:

It is impossible to find an internship without a driving licence. The decree of 12/01/2012 stipulates that holders of a valid residence permit have their driving licence obtained in their country of origin recognised in France for as long as their residence rights are valid.

Foreign students must submit their application to Campus France. The ENGEES selection committee will make its decision only after receiving the opinion of Campus France. Check the deadlines for submitting your applications on the Campus France website.

Terms and conditions of application

The committee is joint ENGEES/Mines de Nancy and the selection is carried out: 

1- presentation of a complete application

2- an interview with the course directors 

The deadline for reception of the last applications is 9th June. 

Final results are announced in April. The final results are known by 15 July at the latest.

The selection criteria are as follows:

  • Motivation based on a career plan
  • Suitability of initial training with the specialised master's degrees programme and professional opportunities
  • Quality of academic record
  • Technical skills
  • Maturity
  • Fluency in French (for foreign students and professionals)

VAE or "Validation des Acquis de l'Expérience"

If you already have all the skills associated with this specialised master's degree, consider VAE: validation of acquired experience.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees to be paid in full on the first day of the term

  • Students, French or foreign, continuing their studies, i.e. you will obtain the diploma entitling you to the course: 6900 euros
  • French or foreign professionals: 9950 euros
  • Jobseekers not financed by a parity body: 6900 euros

The course does not entitle you to a grant based on social criteria.

Other costs:

Other costs incurred during the course, in addition to tuition fees, can be estimated at a minimum of around 750 euros per month, from September to April, for accommodation, meals, etc...

During the internship, from May to October, the host company must pay you a salary. Read the law.



AN APPLICATION SUBMITTED TO CAMPUS FRANCE IS NOT EQUIVALENT TO ENROLMENT AT ENGEES. If you live abroad in a country covered by the Campus France system: click here.

If necessary, when putting together your ENGEES Internet application, ask the Continuing Vocational Education Department for a bid and a pre-registration certificate.

WARNING! Regardless of the country of departure, it can take a very long time to obtain!

The terms and conditions require proof of financial means (payment of tuition fees, accommodation costs, etc.) and accommodation. Don't forget to collect these documents in good time. Similarly, the new measures concerning nationals outside the Schengen area require medical cover and repatriation assistance.


Specialised master's degrees

Valérie FAUX

Head of specialised master's degrees courses

Phone: 03 88 24 82 62


Julien WEISS

Short vocational training officer

Phone: 03 88 24 82 34

If you would like to be put in touch with one of the alumni of the course, whose profile, origin, etc. would be similar to yours, please specify your wish in the letter attached to your application form.