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3rd year of engineering

For the third and final year of training as ENGEES engineers (level Master 2), students have the choice of either continuing on a path of study at ENGEES begun at the end of the second year, or completing their course of study in a partner institution, in France or abroad, either as a double degree or as a single mobility programme. The apprentice engineers must continue their studies at ENGEES. 

ENGEES offers a choice of 7 different engineering tracks which allow them to specialise in a particular field (two of them can be taught in English).

Semester 9 at ENGEES (September to December)

At ENGEES, the first semester of the 3rd year of the engineering programme consists of a common core for all students, which will be completed by the teaching of one of the seven in-depth courses.

Thematic courses

The ENGEES in-depth tracks taught in semester 9 of the ENGEES engineering programme are designed to give students the opportunity to go into a particular field of study in greater depth. During their training, ENGEES engineers thus acquire a range of skills and consolidated knowledge on a variety of topics.

These thematic semesters are distinguished by several aspects that allow students to have a professional perspective. The lecturers are professors, researchers but also external lecturers and professionals from public or private companies.

The courses often take the form of role-playing games and projects during which the students, after a few hours of lectures and tutorials, complete the acquisition of theoretical skills by confronting practical case studies from real cases managed by the teachers (internal or external).

Download the pedagogical booklet for semester 9


Semester 10 at ENGEES

During this semester, students carry out a six-month internship called final year work placement (FWP). It is worth 30 ECTS credits and takes place in a public or private professional structure dealing with a specific problem. Is is validated through the writing of a thesis and an oral defence.

More informations on internships in the ENGEES engineering program

3rd year in a partner institution

Only available to students with student or civil servant status (depending on the course).

Academic Mobilities in France

French double degrees
  • M2 co-accredited with the University of Strasbourg

Engineering and Geosciences for the Environment (ISIE)

Computational engineering (MNI)

Energy Management and Law and Sustainable Development

Geography, Planning, Environment and Development

Earth Observation and Geomatics

Other academic mobilities in France

  • Natural Environment Management at AgroParis Tech Nancy
  • Water and Society course and Water and Agriculture course of the Master in Water Sciences (Montpellier - University of Montpellier - Agro Institute - AgroParisTech)
  • Agricultural Land Management at Bordeaux Sciences Agro
  • Academic mobility in the network of 5 schools in the region (ENTPE, ENM, ENSG, Agrosup Dijon, ENGEES) 
  • School of Engineers of the City of Paris (EIVP)
  • French universities (Brest, Caen, Montpellier...)

Other international academic mobility

International double degrees

Other International possibilities

ENGEES develops its cross-border and international dimension from Strasbourg, the European capital. It belongs to several international networks (ERASMUS+, Eucor...) and has concluded partnerships with foreign universities. In all, 33 international academic partners in 13 countries. 

  • Water and Environmental Engineering in Rostock, Dresden, Hannover or Karsruhe (Germany)
  • Erasmus+, Arfitec, Brafitec, Brafagri, exchange agreements with : Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Spain, Great Britain, Morocco, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Vietnam, USA. 

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